Isle of Man Snooker




Season Team Match Group Appearances W L league
Mac's Builders Merchants League 2021-22 FINCH HILL ROCKETS Mac's Builders Snooker League 2021-22 4 3 1 28
Mac's Builders Merchants League 2020-21 FINCH HILL ROCKETS IOMBSA Mac's Builders Snooker League 3 1 2 28

Game History

Star icon 24/11/21 JONNY HOGG 70 38 RICHARD HILLIER View match
Star icon 27/10/21 FRED CORRIS 66 36 JONNY HOGG View match
Star icon 20/10/21 JONNY HOGG 51 35 STE MACDONALD View match
Star icon 13/10/21 JOHN KELLY 58 63 JONNY HOGG View match
Star icon 14/07/21 JONNY HOGG 15 57 JOHN KELLY View match
Star icon 16/06/21 DARRELL THACKER 64 51 JONNY HOGG View match
Star icon 09/12/20 JONNY HOGG 66 55 JAMES KERR View match

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