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During recent years members of the Executive Committee have identified that certain players have played off the wrong handicap in league matches. Where players have played off a handicap that is less than they are entitled to, then either the Competition Secretary or Press Representative have usually notified the individual and the result of any match has been allowed to stand. It should be noted that certain players at the upper end of the handicap range have occasionally elected to play off a lower handicap than might appear on the Association’s website and the Executive Committee have accepted their decision. In these situations it is unlikely that playing off a lower handicap will have disadvantaged the non-offending player.

However, where a player plays off a handicap higher than their officially sanctioned handicap the Executive Committee have determined that the offending player should forfeit the frame as this may have disadvantaged or affected the manner of play by the non-offending player.

The Executive Committee made a decision along these lines in respect of a Finch Hill team on two consecutive occasions in 2021.

A similar case has arisen when reviewing the result cards from last week’s league matches. Members of the Executive Committee who were not members of the involved clubs (or challenging for league position) recognised that this was an innocent mistake but in line with the precedent set in 2021 determined that it was appropriate to award the frame to the non-offending player.

Captains are advised to check their players’ handicaps on the Association website before completing the draw as these are subject to change on a weekly basis.

The Executive Committee will be bringing a new rule to the AGM regarding this situation but until such time as this is approved the above decision will be taken as binding in all future cases.

Ken Kinrade

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