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News Report

Handicap changes following week 7

25/11/21 | Michael Crook

to be used with immediate effect

With week 7 of the league fixtures complete the following handicap changes are now to be used by these players with immediate effect. These handicaps apply to league and individual competitions. Other updates will follow on a weekly basis throughout the season as other players complete their respective round of six matches prior to reassessment.

Paul Smyth (St Olaves) 14

James Kerr (St Olaves) -7

Dave Kelly (St Olaves) 49

Dave Corris (Wannabes) 42

Tony Pring (Malew) 42

Scott Campion (Blinders) 35

Jamie Wilson (Hurricanes) 7

Adam Dooley (Newbys) 21

Terry Boyle (PSM) 28

Paul Tangeman (Reprobates) 49

Alex Sinclair (Jacksons) 28

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