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News Report

Doug Kinrade Handicap Prelim/Last 32 Draw

06/11/21 | Darryl Hill

38 Entries, 6 prelim matches and dates for Semi-Finals and Final released.

Isle of Man Billiards and Snooker Association

Doug Kinrade Handicap 2021-2022

The first round of this tournament has been drawn. 38 entries have been received so the tournament will commence with a prelim round, with some players drawn into the last 32. The tournament will be redrawn every round. Matches are to be arranged by mutual consent and completion dates are given below. The player who’s name appears first is the home player and is responsible for table costs. All matches for the prelim and last 32 rounds are the best of 3 frames and player’s handicaps at the time of the match taking place will apply. The Semi-Finals & Final will take place on Thursday February 3rd at Finch Hill. Please send results to the competition secretary, Darryl Hill, no later than 10pm on the completion dates. Results can be emailed to or sent by text to 489715. Any disputes or claims must be made in writing and sent to Jane Hill, Secretary, Thie Ny Chibbyr, Glen Road, Colby, IM9 4HW.
          Prelim matches to be completed by Sunday 21st November                 Venue

  • Graham Ashton 425809               v        Paul McKinstry 201976                   Finch Hill     
  • Vinny Dale     474674                  v        Joe McAleer    207351                   Finch Hill
  • Geoff Hall     492619                  v        Stu Littlewood 492393                   Peel
  • Paul Smyth    256436                  v        Brandon Forrester 239110              St Olaves
  • Barton Beaumont 333672             v        Tony Pring     210855                     Peel
  • Calum Gardner 243029                v        Rhys Moore   465566                      Cue Zone


Last 32 Matches to be completed by Sunday 5th December

  • Winner Prelim 1                          v        Tom Miller    480090
  • Winner Prelim 2                          v        Vic Rigby      463837
  • Winner Prelim 3                          v        Mike Crook    429798
  • Winner Prelim 4                          v        Johnny Myers 455301
  • Winner Prelim 5                          v        Rob Callister  457511
  • Winner Prelim 6                          v        Matthew Dodd 401710
  • Lee Gale       484791                  v        Jonny Hogg   476071                   Cue Zone
  • Scott Campion 222511                 v        Shaun Roberts 401967                Cue Zone
  • Chris Dagnall 475221                  v        Adam Dooley 403506                   Douglas Snooker Bar
  • Marc Bolton   316438                  v        Doug Kinrade 453164                   Finch Hill
  • Pete Crellin   410340                  v        Marc Morley  487087                    Finch Hill
  • Marek Kenny 315532                  v        Ste MacDonald 309133                  Finch Hill
  • Dave Hanlon  200122                  v        Steve Cowin  497249                    Finch Hill
  • Fred Corris   241144                   v        Dave Kelly     374049                    Douglas Snooker Bar
  • John Spellman 270277                 v        Alec Oates    252556                    Finch Hill
  • Simon Corrin                              v        Don Humphries 409953                 Finch Hill

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