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News Report

2020/21 League Information

11/10/20 | Darryl Hill

Detailed info ahead of the first match on Wednesday

As I would hope you are all aware the 2020/21 snooker league commences this Wednesday 14th. The league fixtures, all of the teams and their players are now listed under the 2020/21 season.. You may need to alter to this for the first few times if your device is set to take you to the old season as it may try and display the 2019/20 season for you. Could all captains please check your team lists and ensure everyone that should be listed is, and please inform me quickly if something isn’t right. Could all captains AND all individual players please check the handicaps and make note of what they are listed as, as these are the handicaps that will be used for Wednesday. A couple of players have had their handicap altered from the last match of last season as their 18th game fell on that last week and there was either 4 or more wins or losses. I will contact the captains of those players shortly. With 13 teams there is a bye each week and if your team doesn’t have a match displayed in a particular week that will be your bye.

All teams will again have team books supplied they will be finished this afternoon and I will arrange distribution of them with the captains. These books have a page where you can list the players and handicaps and has added columns for when the players change throughout the season, please remember if any player plays a league frame off the wrong handicap and wins, the point will be awarded to the other team.
RECORDING BLACK BALL FRAMES – As was voted in at the AGM and confirming the email sent out from Jane the other day, a black ball frame will NOT count towards a handicap review. It is imperative the result is marked in any way to reflect this, probably with just a ‘BB’ at the side of the result on the card. This is in the interest of both players involved so if you are involved in a black ball frame or as a captain your player is, please ensure it is recorded. Results must again be sent to Mike Crook and his details are in the league books, either by email or Whatsapp. He has also asked if each captain when forwarding the results, wouldn’t mind writing a short summary of the frames to aid the report. Captains should make any new players aware, as I am now, that player’s names will be used on the website and players will be mentioned in the weekly reports which are posted on the website and facebook page and sent to the newspapers and Manx Radio, with the newspapers printing the report weekly. The website it and the facebook page is, please refer any player not familiar with these sites to them so they can keep up to date.

You will notice two brand new teams, The Cue Zone Blinders and Jacksons, also playing at the Cue Zone. The Jacksons team are all part of the Motor Mall complex so a big welcome to them. For anyone that has not yet been to the cue zone, the address and location is listed under venues on the site.

Just finally, please also remember during league matches it is usual practice and courtesy for members of both teams to share the refereeing and marking roles with a home and away player refereeing and marking each frame. At no point should two away players be refereeing and marking the same league frame.

Have a good season and if there’s any issues don’t hesitate to contact me. 

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